Harvester Guide Bars

The needs and safety of harvesters are as diverse as the environments in which they work, so it’s crucial to have guide bars that can match those extremes in durability, protection, and productivity. To help you find the right match for your harvester application, we’ve organized our guide bars by pitch to ensure an accurate fit.

  • 3/4" Pitch Harvester Guide Bars

    Designed with 3/8 thick alloy-steel and precision-milled grooves for a broad range of harvesting equipment, the 3/4" pitch guide bars are built to tackle the toughest wood in the harshest conditions.

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  • .404" Pitch Harvester Guide Bars

    The .404" pitch guide bars are built to endure rough, high-speed harvesting conditions to deliver superior performance and increased efficiency for the most diverse harvesting cutting applications.

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